How to Be Free From Bitterness and Other Essays on Christian Relationships

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Jim Wilson

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Bitterness often grows out of a small offense: perhaps a passing word, an accidental slight, or a pair of dirty socks left in the middle of the living room floor.

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Yet when bitterness takes root in our hearts, its effects are anything but small. "See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many." (Heb. 12:15)

In this collection of short articles, Jim Wilson and others discuss what it means to live as "imitators of God." As the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians, we have been called to leave the bitterness and anger of the world and instead embrace the love and compassion of our God. The authors remind us that we are to forgive others just as we have been forgiven, pointing to Scriptural admonitions and examples as they offer sound teaching on the trials and temptations of everyday life.

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What People Are Saying:

"I am currently a prisoner in Multnomah County Jail, serving a 180-day, day for day, for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Recently I retrieved your pamphlet from the trash and after drying it out, found it to be the most powerful and timely gift to help my broken mind, body, and spirit. It never leaves my side and is now ragged.... No one in the chaplain’s office knows where your booklet came from, as they say they’ve never seen one or had one before. You and I know exactly where it came from. It has changed my life and behavior." -a reader

"I praise God for bringing me in fellowship with you. I have been privileged to read your message 'being free from bitterness.' I really needed this part in my life as I have been in this sin often without recognition. Recently, I was struggling with bitterness towards a person and could not love as I ought to as a Christian. Was given your message on bitterness to be read by my husband. I prayerfully read your message and was convicted of my sin. As you said, I neither kept it struggling in my heart nor went to the person and shared about it, but went right to God on my knees and confessed my sin God helped me to come out of that bitterness towards that person and is helping me to love her. I really thank you very much for that wonderful, life-changing message in order to become like our Savior." -Chaitanya

"Every chapter convicted me to the core and I have made dramatic changes to my life." -Deanna

"It changed my entire understanding of many different sins, and did so entirely by just pointing out what scripture says about them." -Shaina

"God has used this book to change my bitterness and anger to love and forgiveness in a very difficult situation. I have given copies of this book to many hurting people who are having relationship problems and need healing." -a reader

"I had never recognized bitterness in my own heart and reading this book I realized my own suppressed bitterness was holding me back from a lot of the good things God had in store for me.... The big picture is that I think the booklet has some HUGE principles and I can certainly say it changed my life. That's pretty much the only book I've read as an adult that truly impacted me to that extent." -a reader

Jim Wilson has been a pastor, counselor, and the director of Community Christian Ministries in Moscow, Idaho, for over forty years. Before that, he served as a naval officer for nine years and worked with Officers’ Christian Fellowship for twelve years. Jim has authored several books, including Principles of War: A Handbook on Strategic Evangelism, Taking Men Alive, Weapons & Tactics, and Being Christian. He is a father of four, grandfather of fifteen, and great‐grandfather of twenty‐eight and counting.

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AUTHOR: Jim Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 120 pages

SIZE: 5x8"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1591280478

ISBN-13: 9781591280477

PUB. DATE: May 1, 2007 (Revised Edition)

Customer Reviews

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Marci B.
How to be Free From Bitterness

Such a very important little book.

sarah McNally

I am reading and listening on the canon+ app - the content is convicting.

Jill Anderson
Little book, big impact

I’m very grateful for this little book, and it’s simple yet profound messages on how to recognize & navigate the habits that can ruin relationships & steal the joy of living. There are 10 chapters that address various topics based on the truth of God’s word. I found the chapter on introspection especially eye-opening and liberating. Extra bonus points for the brilliant cover- it’s hilarious & worth a thousand words and a provides an easy way to get a conversation started with someone who might not otherwise pick up a book like this.

The Berg Herd

This is a great short read. May help with some of those in your life

Brandi Bergeron

Amazing book and seller had to me fast! Thankful for all the wonderful folks at Canon Press 💪