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About Logos Press

We create and provide products that sketch a vision of a whole life—a whole culture: A life full of beauty, tradition, education, community, laughter, and celebration—unashamed of Christ, and sharply at odds with the values of modernity; a mature culture with the church at the center—living out the good life one family at a time.

The purpose of education is not to just score well on standardized tests or to become a cog in the corporate machine. All Logos Press curriculum is designed to help you raise faithful, dangerous Christian kids.

God commands us to love Him with all of our minds, and that’s why education matters. The assignments are not the end goal; the end goal is the pursuit of wisdom and the love of learning. There’s nothing neutral about education—if you’re not showing your kids Christ through academics, someone else will be showing them the opposite.

God structured the way we reason, so we can see him in the laws of logic. He called the animals “good,” so that means we must love biology. Christian parents and educators, whether at home or in schools, have one of the highest callings on the planet.

We are here to help!

Our curriculum material is compiled by the staff and teachers of Logos School, the pioneer in Classical and Christian schools, located in Moscow, Idaho.

Logos Press started as part of Logos School. In 1991, Douglas Wilson’s book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning introduced the world to classical Christian education.  Soon parents, schools, and homeschoolers began contacting us, asking for our unique materials. Logos Press was created to meet this growing demand, and Logos Press has been publishing curriculum for almost 30 years now.

In 2012, Logos Press and Canon Press (also located in Moscow, Idaho) combined their publishing resources to better serve the Classical, Christian Education movement.

Over the years our teachers have gathered their wisdom and experience and composed their own curricula. It is our desire to continue to make these resources available to you. We intend to make a quality, Christ-centered education affordable and widely available.

We believe that the Classical, Christian Education movement is extremely important, and therefore are seeking to do all that we can to promote it and provide you with the curricula that you need to educate your children.