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Logos 3rd Grade Bundle

If you're interested in this bundle, please contact us at service@canonpress.org.

The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum development for homeschool, Christian and classical schools.  We have put together what we consider to be the best homeschool curriculum for 3rd grade on the market. And not only have we hand picked the highest quality materials, we also included Daily Lesson Plans to guide you through a full year of Bible, Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.  

Lesson Plan Sample 

Science - We love Noeo (no-eh'-o) Science! Dr. Randy Pritchard, a scientist and a homeschooling father, has gathered quality reading materials and award-winning experiment kits to cultivate your child's wonder at the attributes of God revealed in His creation. You won't find a more complete, easier to use, or more economical homeschool science curriculum than this! Physics 1 complements our U.S. History and Geography curriculum by introducing your student to great American inventors Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. 

History and Geography - The Fourth Law of Teaching (by Milton) states: "The lesson to be learned must be explicable in the terms of truth already known by the learner--the UNKNOWN must be explained by the KNOWN." In other words, start with what they KNOW. It is for this reason that we begin history and geography studies with the your own backyard. Rather than introducing the long-ago-and-far-away things too soon, we start by learning the landscape your child sees every day and historical figures whose names that are likely on their own street signs. Building on the second grade local/state history, Grade 3 studies each region of the United States using the Road Trip USA! materials. Written by a homeschooling mother, this lively exploration of history and geography is a perfect complement to our selections from the imaginative "If You Lived..." series from Scholastic publishers.

Latin - Because Latin has supplied English with most of its raw material, the study of Latin lays a firm foundation for precision and excellence in English, and 3rd grade is the perfect time to begin its study. Our Latin curriculum, Logos Latin, was written by Julie Garfield, a Logos School elementary latin teacher with 20 years of Latin classroom experience. The complete package includes DVD classes so your children can learn from America's Latin teacher! 

Reading/Literature - Expands and illustrates the study of U.S. History and Geography. Each title is about America and Americans, with the occasional trip to Narnia. We have also included Logos Press literature guides, written by Logos School teachers to help you make the most of reading time. 

English Grammar & Compostion, and Handwriting - Shurley English 3 is an award-winning grammar program used by many elementary schools including Logos School. One of Shurley's best features are the Jingles that use rhythm, rhyme, and movement to teach grammar rules. This well-researched method is available in an edition written especially for you, the homeschooling parent. We have added Logos Press' Imitation in Writing: Fairy Tales so that you'll receive an English curriculum that includes the latest educational research as well as classical methods and Christian content. Finally, we provide plenty of cursive handwriting with books III and IV of the Classically Cursive series, written by our very own BJ Jordon of Logos School.

Math - Logos School and thousands of homeschooling parents agree: Saxon Math 3 can't be beat when it comes to well-researched, time-tested methods, and proven success in the home school setting. Elementary texts build and continually reinforce a firm foundation of essential math skills. 

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  If you're interested in this bundle, please contact us at service@canonpress.org.


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