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Custom Online Classes

Logos Online School 


Join the growing number of administrators who are turning to Logos Online School to assist with their 2016/2017 academic schedules.


math-teaching.jpgCustomized Schedule

We offer live, teacher-led class sessions meeting Monday-Thursday for 50 minutes. We can customize classes to provide the best fit for your students, making it a great option for your school! 


To discuss adding your own customized classes, contact Dr. Larry Stephenson, Superintendent of Logos Online School.  

Toll Free: 800-488-2034           Email: larry@canonpress.org 



 “Logos Online School has been an answer to prayer. Their teaching staff - broadcasting into our classrooms - has raised the bar and brought teachers into our school that we could not have procured in our rural community. This isn’t just a temporary arrangement, but a lasting, budget conscious way of maintaining excellent teachers for our secondary students."

 Heather Lloyd 
Director of Legacy High School, Wickenburg, Arizona


Why Online Classes?

You might be wondering, “Online classes for a brick and mortar school?” Depending upon the size of your upper school and availability of qualified teachers, the answer may be a resounding YES! Logos Press has unique access to many outstanding, experienced teachers. If you’re having trouble finding a qualified Latin, logic, math, or foreign language teacher at the high school level, look no further. Logos Online School is equipped to help you every day of the week. 

"Logos Online School has provided a very solid and beneficial program essential to our school. Their classes have run well and have accomplished the educational instruction that our students have needed. The live instruction and teacher feedback has been important for our program, and has helped our students much more than a video course. I would highly recommend their program to anyone needing a professional and organized alternative to the traditional classroom. It has been a wonderful fit for us."

 Eric Van Gordon 
Headmaster, The Classical Academy of Franklin


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